Why Do Doctors Wear White Coats?

In your life, you must have seen many doctors and nurses wearing white a colour lab coats in your neighbourhood clinic or hospital.

Have you ever wondered what the reason is?

To satisfy your curiosity, this blog is written. Continue reading it to know more.

During the mid 19th century, rulers and their people didn’t trust doctors. People during that time used to praise lab scientists who wore a light pink or yellow coloured lab coat.

Doctors decided to change people’s beliefs, and they transformed themselves into scientists. To do it, they chose a white coloured lab coat around 1889 AD. Since then and till now, the white coloured lab coat is still worn by many doctors across the globe.

Later on, Dr George Armstrong, a renowned surgeon, introduced the modernized version of a white coloured lab coat.

Let us see, what are the scientific reasons?

Below are some of the reasons:

It distinguishes doctors from the crowd

 It makes it easy for patients and their family members to recognize doctors from a distance in the hospital.

It’s a coat with a lot of pockets

The lab coat which you see worn by the doctors has many pockets. It is feasible for a physician to carry all the essential items while taking care of patients in the hospital or clinic because of this coat. 

It keeps a check on hygiene

 You may have observed that when you wear your favourite white coloured t-shirt or shoes continuously, they get dirty within a few days. The same is the case with doctors. It helps them to check whether the lab coat which they are wearing is clean or not.

Summing Up

It is convenient to wear white coloured lab coats at all temperatures. It symbolizes peace and harmony, and while wearing it, there’s a sense of ownership and pride. After all, it is earned, by many years of effort, learning and practice.

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