Why are doctors considered second to God?

As you know that there are a few people on earth like you and me, who got that feeling at a very tender age to become a doctor and help patients.

The might reason be any of these? 

Respect, Pay package, Stability, etc. 

But the feeling of helping the needy & specially alleviating the pain is as pious as God, isn’t it?

Doctors don’t discriminate based on caste, creed, religion. They accept all of us and without any hesitation, they make every attempt to give us the best possible solution to our problems, even when there are no scientific advancements made for that prolonged illness.

If, as a firm believer of God, you try to follow the preaching of God or Goddess, which you may have heard through your father/grandfather or seen through TV. Then don’t you find any similarity between Gods/Goddess and Doctors? Because most of the doctors work seven days a week round the rock to take care of patients and that too without any profit motive.

When there is darkness all around, the only thing which we want to see is a ray of light from somewhere, isn’t it? It gives us hope. Same thing a doctor does to us when a problem strikes in our body. They give us hope whenever we contact them for consultation. They don’t say you may have to deposit a hefty amount of money for surgery. They mostly say it is not deadly. It can be cured with surgery. And I believe that’s enough to boost the morale of the patient who is suffering from illness.

Though there are times when a doctor gets late to be in the OPD, they make sure every patient who is outside their cubicle gets an on-time appointment.

Your body may stop functioning properly at any time. It is only the doctor who can save your life. They make every attempt to give new life to you with the best technique.

I believe that’s enough to convince anyone why doctors are seen as messengers of gods in trying times. As recently, we have seen that the entire medical fraternity has done their most to get every Covid patient out of Covid. That’s why they are seen second to God.

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