Origin of Allopathy

The word is derived from the Greek word allos (against) and pathos (suffering) and means a course of reducing disease symptoms.

Other terms are often used reciprocally with allopathic medicine include:

·        Biomedicine

·        Mainstream Medicine

·        Orthodox Medicine

·        Conventional Medicine

·        Western Medicine

The allopathic term was coined by Samuel Hahnemann, who is also known as the founder of homoeopathy. In homoeopathy, tiny dosages of a substance that cause the side effects of sickness were utilized to reduce that illness. In those times, Allopathy as a word was considered a derogatory term by orthodox medicine practitioners. But these days, many doctors accept this as a designation and are comfortable with it. What Hahnemann observed is that allopathy medicines affect healthy cells, which are different from the diseases.

But on the other hand, physicians of the 18th century did not have more to help patients. Its outcome was that the derogatory term was accepted by many physicians.

 Later on, many modern pills, capsules and tablets were available due to endless scientific experiments, trials and research. Some of them are allopathy or allopathic medicine. These medicines were attempts by the scientists to deliver- the best possible patient experience.  

Apart from this, with the help of makers of these drugs and practitioners many public health campaigns, surgeries, therapies also came out for patients, which were successful in eradicating diseases such as Polio, TB up to some extent. In many cases, medical insurance only covers allopathic medicine.

These medicines and vaccines enabled the whole human race to come out from many pandemics safely.

Integrative Medicine – Addition of Conventional and Alternative Medicine

There’s a new term called integrative medicine that can be seen in many clinics. In this approach, patients receive the benefits of alternative as well as conventional medicine.

One perfect example of integrative medicine is – Cancer care centres in which patients are treated with meditation, acupuncture, Qigong, Art therapy, Healing Touch, etc. along with surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

Summing Up

Allopathic treatment has come a long way & it’s continuously evolving. Allopathy has proved itself one of the most significant tools for alleviating “pain & discomfort” to the human body.

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