PharmaState Academy affiliate - referral - program

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a referral program in which you can earn referral commission whenever someone purchases a course on DocState Academy by using the Affiliate link shared by you.

There is no limit to earning potential. We keep the commission rate very competitive. The more you share, the more are the chances of sale through your affiliate link.

It can range from 10% to 30% depending on the performance during the referral program. We also launch offers time to time so that you can earn even more.

No, you do not get commission by sharing the affiliate link only. You will get the referral commission only if someone clicks your link & then purchases the course.

It takes less than a minute to fill the Affiliate Registration Form. Once you submit the form, our team will verify the profile & activate it. Our representative may connect with you in case more information is required for verification purpose.

You can get the affiliate link from the affiliate profile. Just visit the Generate link section in your profile & click over it. Now copy the URL of the course page & paste into Page URL option. Click on Generate button. A referral link will be generated in Referral URL. Just COPY & Paste this link anywhere you want so that people can click & land on the course page to purchase it.

Click Generate link > Copy the URL of the course page > paste into Page URL > Generate button > Referral URL generated > COPY the link > Paste it anywhere like Facebook, LinkedIn profile, WhatsApp group, Blog etc.

Once you share the affiliate link, people click over it to land over the website page. They will explore the website & if they find the course useful for them, they will do the payment & buy the course.

You can check the number of clicks in your affiliate profile available at: Clicks

You can check all the purchases in your affiliate profile available at: Commissions

Your commission/referral amount will be transferred to your registered bank account directly (for India). For International affiliates the mode of payment will depend on their country of residence.

In case of any further queries or assistance, write to us at: