8 Extra Income Ideas For Doctors

Many students in India opt for PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology) or PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) after the 12th standard with an aim to get an admission in a good medical institute. But do you know once you become a doctor there are a plethora of opportunities open to you? It does not matter whether you are working as a doctor in Tier –I, II or III cities you can unlock your maximum potential to bring more prosperity by being a doctor. No doubt you might be getting a good salary from your employer. But isn’t it good to add more value to your bank balance?  

Here are the 8 ideas that can bring you extra income. Some ideas may be out of the box but may be given a try:

1. Through Digital Presence: Yes, it can be through blog posts, YouTube Chanel or podcasts. You just have to share your right knowledge with the masses in an easily understandable way. And once you have a good number of followers you can expect a good amount of earnings.

2. Invest in SIP: Here you can start with Rs 500 and invest as long as you want. It is a secure way to invest in mutual funds.

3. Medical Files Reviewer: Insurance companies take help of medical doctors in reviewing medical records, If you are the person who thinks you can be of help to them ask them to harness your expertise for this. There’s a good earning potential here.

4. Rent spare room on Oyo or Airbnb: Some travelers prefer to opt for rooms at a reasonable budget. So if you have few rooms in your house or an apartment you can partner with room rental services like Oyo or Airbnb and earn passive income through every customer stay.

5. Open a Home Stay: Thinking of what to do of spare rooms in your house which is near a beach or mountains? You can make it a home stay. Initially, you may have to invest in few things later like proper set up of Wi-Fi, electricity and water, caretaker and later things will turn favourable as you wish.

6. Become a Trainer on E-learning Sites: If you feel the need to help some medical aspirants or students. You can reach out to e-learning companies in this domain. Or you can start your own YouTube channel where you can publish your courses. To become a trainer on DocState Academy click here.

7. Sell a Book: If you have a knack for creative writing you can invest 2 to 3 hours a day in writing a book and sell it on e-commerce sites. Who knows you can be the next best-selling author tomorrow.

8. Part-time Medical Writer: Many companies want doctors to write for them. When you feel the urge to write something for the benefit of patients, allow them to leverage your experience and expertise.

Summing Up  You can set up a passive income source through these practices and live a dream of adding a few more cash every week or month

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