31st March 2022 | Health Newsbytes

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India reports 1,225 new Covid-19 cases with 28 deaths

In the last 24 hours 1,594 patients recovered from Covid-19 infection. The current recovery rate of India is 98.76%.

Mixing Covid-19 vaccines to take more time

Investigators at CMC Vellore are yet to confirm on the combination of Covid-19 vaccines.

Oral heath can be severely affected by Covid-19

According to a study, apart from common symptoms of Covid-19, the uncommon symptoms are noticed in the oral cavity.

Kerala : Medical Graduate Stipend same in Private and Government colleges

Kerala University of Health Sciences has recently made Stipends for MBBS graduates equal in Government and Private colleges.

Immunochemical Screening linked to better outcomes in Colorectal Cancer

As per a study published in Internal Journal Of Cancer , it is reported that screening of Colorectal Cancer may result in long-term survival.

WHO releases plan to emerge from Emergency Phase in Pandemic

WHO has released strategies to manage the emergency of pandemic in the upcoming times.

Maharashtra Health Minister denies wrapping face masks

Amid rising Covid-19 cases in other countries, Maharashtra Health Minister has stated that wrapping face mask may pose a risk.

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