29th March 2022 | Health Newsbytes

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India & South Korea come together to train for Robot-Assisted Surgeries

India and South Korea develop an efficient training system for robot assisted surgeries under R&D.

3 new Dengue cases reported in Delhi

In the last week, 3 new Dengue cases are reported in Delhi, resulting in a total of 55 cases in this year.

Omicron and Delta hybrid might be a "supervirus"

According to experts, the recombinant variants of omicron and delta need to be checked as these can result in a virus with superior features.

Antipsychotics as maintenance therapy should depend on tolerance

As per a new article in The Lancet, antipsychotics as maintenance therapy should be given according to tolerabilty.

AIIMS Gorakhpur invites applications for Faculty posts

AIIMS Gorakhpur has invited applications for 108 vacancies. These include vacancies for the post of Assistant Professor and Asistant Professor.

Lockdown continues in Shanghai

Shanghai continues its effort to control the Covid-19 infection , asking the residents to stay indoor and to step out only when they are getting tested for Covid-19.

Doctors in AIIMS Jodhpur operate 9 kidney tumors

Surgeons at AIIMS Jodhpur have removed 9 kidney tumors from single kidney of a patient, by using robotic technique.

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