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India to launch National Digital Health Mission

India will launch the National Digital Health Mission on 27th September 2021, according to the PTI.

Odisha pharmacists can prescribe medicines for 12 diseases at PHCs

Odisha’s director of health services Dr Bijoy Mohapatra said the govt. decided to let pharmacists at singledoctor healthcare centres to prescribe drugs for 12 diseases due to the shortage of medical doctors.

NEET may deepen shortage of rural medical doctors in Tamil Nadu

The percentage of State Board students for MBBS degree decreased from 99.4% in 2015-16 to 65.7% in 2019-20.

Home remedies without consulting medical doctors lead to more problems

Patients could face negative results after self-medication. It is not always safe.

IMA wants booster shot for HCWs: Pune

Pune’s IMA is India’s first medical association to make such recommendations.

Supreme Court directs Centre to hold a meeting for advance fee payment

SC directed the Centre to have a meeting with all the stakeholders, including NMC, DCI, the state of Rajasthan and petitioner, the JNU Institute for Medical Sciences and Research Centre, regarding the advance fee from medical students, in addition to the fee for one year, and come up with a solution.

Kerala's first transgender medical doctor: Dr. VS Priya

Dr. VS Priya is Kerala’s first transgender medical doctor.

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