24th February 2022 | Health Newsbytes

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Government plans A I based tool for Covid Surveillance across India

The Ministrey of Health has signed an agreement with a private company to develop a tool to keep a track of disease outbreaks and media reports.

India witnesses technological Advancements in Clinical Research

Clinical reseacrh has essentially enabled commendable progress in health care and lifesciences in India.

A need for stronger protection to healthcare workers: UN Bodies

The international Labour Organization and WHO has warned that the Covid 19 pandemic has witnessed a serious neglect of safety , health and well being of the healthcare workers.

Improved chances of survival for adults going for aortic valve surgery with “Ross Procedure”

According to a study conducted in Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City , A pulmonary Graft procedure will be more beneficial than the standard replacements

Is Omicron protecting you from other variants?

According to a study in South Africa, the previous vaccination followed by omicron infection has lead to immunity from other vriants of Covid-19 virus.

A pilot Project in Assam to manage inability of ANMs to detect high-risk pregnancy

The Government of Assam and UNICEF carried out a project in some districts to focus on the gaps in ANMs and the subcentres.

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