23rd Nov 2021 | Health Newsbytes

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Two people die of new strain in AIIMS

Doctors have confirmed the presence of Aspergillus lentulus in two COPD patients.

76 yr old Dr. Benjamin Rajendran never wants to leave Dubai

He has over 30 years of experience in different hospitals of the United Arab Emirates.

UP's dead man returns to life

After several hours of being kept in a mortuary freezer, Mukesh Kumar came out alive.

What AIIMS doctor has to say on 3rd Covid wave

AIIMS Doctor and Epidemiologist Dr. Sanjay K Rai said that WHO is losing its credibility on the global stage.

Bokaro General Hospital doctors perform rare surgery

A team of doctors performed a surgery known as balloon kyphoplasty.

Dr. Subodh Kumar Singh performed free surgeries for children

He offers free cleft surgeries to newborns.

Second Case of Monkeypox Reported in the US

According to the CDC, it is a rare disease that can start with flu-like symptoms and swelling of the lymph nodes, before progressing to a rash that covers the face and body.

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