23rd February 2022 | Health Newsbytes

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Bird flu virus replicates inefficiently in human respiratory tracts: Pune Experts

As per WHO ,H5N1, the bird flu virus is endemic among birds and poultry populations in Asia.The replication of the virus is inefficient in the respiratory tract of humans.

Mental Health Screening of over 10k Pregnant females done in Karnataka

A screening done by State Government for done for anxiety, psychosis, suicidal thoughts, and other mental health problems in pregnant females.

Covid -19 severity to compromise gut health: Study

In a study conducted on people who died of Covid-19 infection, it was found that the severity of Covi 19 is leading to disruption of gut health. The observations were made by Researchers from King’s College London.

The variant, omicron is not severe as the original strain says WHO

The World Health Organization on tuesay said that the BA.2 variant of Omicron is not more severe than the original strain,i.e., BA.1.The level of severity is similar as there is a risk of hospitalization.

AIIMS Madurai to set up a Temporary Rural Healthcare Center

A Temporary Rural Healthcare Center will be seen soon, said Dr. M. Hanumantha Rao, Executive Director at Aiims Madurai. The center will be an outpatient department for Academic purposes.

Probiotic Capsules to fasten Covid recovery, study suggests.

Probiotics are meant for boosting the beneficial bacteria in the gut. In a new study, it is reported that thees might help in recovering from Covid.

Entire Hong kong population to be tested for coronavirus

As Hong Kong is passing through the worst phase of Covid 19, leaders are planning to get the entire population three times in March. The complete drive will take around 7 days to vaccinate a population of 7 million.

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