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Nurse to Doctor ratio estimated to be 1.7:1: India Report

The nurse to doctor ratio in India is around 1.7:1 based on National Sample Survey Office data, while the ratio of allied health workers to doctors is estimated to be 1:1, as per a report by the World Health Organization and the Public Health Foundation of India.

Indian doctor has double lung transplant after Covid infection

Dr Sanath Kumar, an anaesthetist is thankful for a second chance at life.

India health workers’ family members fight for compensation

Last year, the Indian government promised 5 mn INR to the family of every healthcare worker who died battling Covid-19.

Read Story of Doctor turned IAS: Dr Rajendra Bharud

Dr Rajendra Bharud’s mother used to sell alcohol and the entire family used to live in a little cabin made of sugarcane leaves.

Is it okay to exercise after a heart attack?

Studies reveal that exercise under supervision helps in improving the outcome for patients.  Also, after a heart attack, one should start a regular activity program to reduce the chance of other heart ailments.

Cancer common in children, difficult to detect

Some common childhood cancers in India are Leukaemias and lymphomas, which are the most common, followed by retinoblastoma and CNS tumours.

Jammu and Kashmir to pool 15% MBBS seats in AIQ

‘Supreme Court directions will be followed in distribution of seats.

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