19th March 2022 | Health Newsbytes

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Covid-19: India may face fourth wave but not soon

The experts in India are not worried about the fourth Covid wave due to vaccination coverage and the immunity boosted during third wave of Covid-19.

Drinking at early age linked to increase risk of Cancer

According to a new study, excessive drinking at an early age can have serious impact and may increase the chances of cancer.

Covid cases continue to increase globally

The rate of increase in Covid cases worsened by 12%, with a decline in death rate. There are reports of rebound in Western countries with an increase of 35% in France.

WHO indicates towards new Covid-19 variant

After reports of rise in Covid cases following an initial decline, WHO indicates towards the emergence of new Covid variant.

AIIMS Delhi : Vacancies for the post of Junior Research Fellow

AIIMS Delhi has invited applications from experienced post-graduate candidates for the post of Junior Research Fellow.

Blood Test to identify high risk pregnancy in Covid-19 patients

In a recent study, its is reported that a blood test may be used to know the risk of still births and placentitis in pregnancies with Covid-19 infection.

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