15th March 2022 | Health Newsbytes

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India: 2,568 fresh Covid cases, decline reported

In the last 24 hours, 4722 Covid deaths are recorded, the active cases have come down to 33917.

Private Hospitals in Kolkata obtain new Covishield doses

New stocks of Covisheild with longer shelf life replaced the doses which were about to expire.

Covid -19 : ICMR to conduct evidence-based scientific research

ICMR accepts proposals from 83 institutions to conduct an evidence-based scientific research to assemble an improved understanding of the Covid19 virus.

Severe Covid to have long-lasting impact on mental health

According to a recent research, there are increased incidences of long-term depression, anxiety, in patients who had severe Covid-19.

Yoga to be a part of sports curriculum in Gulf countries

Nouf Al-Marwaai, the president of Saudi Yoga Committee announced it on Monday and highlighted the positive effects of yoga on physical and mental health.

AIIMS Bhatinda : Hair donation camps organised for Cancer pateints

A hair donation drive was conducted in the Radiation And Oncology Department , the wigs will be provided to cancer patients free of charge.

Is your oral health connected to genetic makeup?

According to a recent study conducted by the American Dental Association, 60 percent cases of tooth decay are linked with genetic factors.

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