14th March 2022 | Health Newsbytes

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India : Lowest Covid deaths in this week since two years

India reported 26,400 new Covid cases in the last week and less than 250 deaths. There is a sharp decline in cases and the deaths reported are the lowest since the two years of pandemic.

Malnutrition in India : A multi-sectorial thought process is necessary

India is the second largest producer of food in the world yet it stands at second position in terms of malnutrition.

The safety measures should continue after pandemic too

The safety measures for public health during the pandemic such as face mask, regular hand washing and social distancing are of utmost importance in the post pandemic times.

90 State Anganwadi workers get termination letters : Delhi

After active participation in strike, 90 Anganwadi workers and helpers get termination notice.

China : Local omicron flare-up occured in Janurary

According to Dr. Eric Feigl Ding , epidemiologist and Health Economist there was Omicron outbreak in January that occurred due to an internationally posted letter.

AIIMS Patna : Vacancies for various posts

There are a total of 11 vacancies in AIIMS Patna , including vacancies for Professor and Associate Professor. The last date for application is 20th March,2022.

The maternal mortality ratio gets better in India

There are reports of improvement in the maternal mortality ratio in India and it will soon come down to 70 reaching its targeted goal aforetime.

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