10th March 2022 | Health Newsbytes

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Government to take decision on mixed vaccines soon

The government will soon announce its decision on Mixed Covid-19 vaccines in a study conducted by CMC Vellore.

India : 4,184 fresh Covid-19 cases diagnosed

The current recovery rate from Covid19 infection in India is 98.7 percent. In the last 24 hours 4184 new cases were diagnosed.

Hongkong : Death rate due to Covid highest in the world

Most of the elderly population in Hongkong remained unvaccinated due to zero cases for long durations, resulting in increased death rate.

Universities in Karnataka to accommodate 1,000 Indian students from Ukraine

8 Universities of Karnataka have approached Prime Minister in accordance with their offer to accommodate Medical students of India who returned from Ukraine.

Human heart transplant by modifying pig's heart : death after two months

David Bennett, who received world’s first heart transplant through modification of a pig’s heart dies ,after two months.

AIIMS : Trial for intranasal Covid booster vaccine to start in Delhi

The intranasal Covid vaccine made by Hyderabad based company is to be approved soon.

A new drug based on Tick Saliva to reduce chronic pain and itching

According to a new study, Votucalis , a protein found in saliva of tick will be useful to reduce chronic pain and itching.

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