09th February 2022 | Health Newsbytes

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Next variant could be more infectious: WHO

Omicron will not be the last variant of Coronavirus, WHO revealed.

Glenmark presents Fabispray

FabiSpray is designed to kill the Covid virus in the upper airways.

Cardio problems in Covid patients

US-based researchers found that Covid can elevate problems in patients such as dysrhythmias, inflammatory heart disease, ischemic heart disease, heart failure, and thromboembolic disease.

Long-term Use Of Paracetamol Increases BP

Around one in ten people in the United Kingdom who daily take paracetamols have BP issues.

ICMR collects royalty from Covaxin's sales

The Indian Council of Medical Research has spent around Rs 35 cr on the R&D of Covaxin.

SC rejects to intervene in NEET issue

The frontline Covid workers requested the government to extend the deadline fixed for completion of their internship programme.

Covid Increases Medical Waste: WHO

Huge volume of biomedical waste will create another big problem in future, WHO report showed.

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