06th April 2022 | Health Newsbytes

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India : Spine issues to be next endemic

There has been incresed back pain cases in India, more prevalent in women and adults.

1,086 fresh Covid-19 cases with 71 deaths

In the past 24 hours,1,198 patients recovered from Covid-19 infection.

Metformin to be used in pateints recovering from TB

As per the trials done at ICMR, anti-diabetic drug can be used in treatment of pateints recovering from TB.

Pre-existing Diabebetic pregnant females have increased risk of retinopathy

Pregnant females with former diabetes are at increased risk of diabetic retinopathy, according to a study at JAMA.

Doxycycline shows successful results in Pyoderma Vegetans

As per a recent case report, doxycycline has shown exceptional results in an elderly case of pyoderma vegetans.

AIIMS Bhatinda : IPD to start in May

About 750 bedded IPD services will start at AIIMS Bhatinda in May.

Entire globe is breathing polluted air, says WHO

As per UN Health Agency, almost 99% of Earth’s population is breathing polluted air.

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