04th March 2022 | Health Newsbytes

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326 new Covid cases and 2 deaths in Delhi

Delhi reports 326 new cases and 2 deaths due to Covid infection on Thursday. The current rate of infection is 0.77 percent with reduction in number of active cases.

Spine surgery at Balaji Superspecialty Hospital Ghaziabad gives life to a 40 year old

A groundbreaking spine surgery saved the life of a 40 year old man. It was performed by Dr. Abhinav Gupta, Neuro and Spine surgeon, Director, Brain and spine Institute, Balaji Superspecialty Hospital.

Life expectancy reduced by 1.5 years as air quality is below WHO standards : Global Report

According to a study 93 % of Indians live in air pollution where the quality of air is below WHO standards and thereby it is affecting the life expectancy of Indians.

Ghrelin ,the hunger hormone is a challenge for weight loss

The key role of Ghrelin is to regulate the appetite. The increased level of the hunger hormone in individuals with recent weight loss possesses a challenge for them.

Health minister praises Delhi's Mohalla Clinic as the perfect healthcare model

The Health Minister expressed his views on good healthcare model and that the healthcare facilities should be affordable and easily accessible by everyone.

AIIMS : CAPF workforce participate in blood donation camp in New Delhi

About 2500 CAPF employees voluntarily took part in a blood drive carried out on a large level in New Delhi. The CAPF personnel have been participating in the blood donation drives annually since past three years.

Gastric Cancer : Timely diagnosis and treatment is the key

Stomach or Gastric Cancer is the third most common cancer that affects Indian men. As per experts timely diagnosis remains the key and helps in better management of condition.

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