03rd March 2022 | Health Newsbytes

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No need for booster as exposure to Omicron building immunity

According to scientists, the exposure to Omicron is leading to building of immunity, making need for booster dose insignificant.

A meeting to be held by Experts to discuss strategies for effective management of future infection waves

As the Covid cases decline in India ,the focus of the experts now shifts to effective management of future waves.

All you need to know about the spread of prostate cancer : A guide to its spread

Prostate cancer is one of the most common type of cancer in men accounting for 7 percent of all types. Knowledge of the symptoms of disease and timely diagnosis can help in management of the condition.

Extreme whether changes to increase mental health issues

According to a recent study, extreme climate change will affect mental health. It is reported that increasing temperature can aggravate poor mental health condition.

As the Covid cases decline, RML works on strategies for better management of OPD

With a footfall of around 9000 patients per day, RML hospital plans new strategies for management of crowd as the Covid cases sharply decline.

The new AIIMS at Bilaspure to be finctional soon

The work at AIIMS Bilaspur will be completed soon. The Government of Himachal Pradesh is eager to complete it by this year.

Cochlear implants will be a blessing as a hearing aid : World Hearing Day

According to WHO, about 63 million people of India suffer from hearing impairment. Hearing loss carries along with it a disability for kids to speak as it hinders with learning speech too.

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