01st March 2022 | Health Newsbytes

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Death due to covid decline to zero in Kolkata

There is marked reduction in positive cases and death due to Covid-19 infection after several months in Kolkata.For the first time the number of positive cases came down to two digit in Bengal.

Private Hospital in Thiruvananthapuram gives penalty for violation of norms

The District Medical Officer in Thiruvananthapuram has issued penalty notice to a private hospital after they charged an amount of 1.42 Lakh to a pateint who shifted from Covid cell.

Dwayne Johnson posts his cheat meal on social media, inspires many

Dwayne Johnson shared a post of his cheat meal on Sunday stating that do not cheat but treat yourself , inspiring the fitness freaks and reminding them to take a break from harsh schedules.

Is Covid-19 infection leading to Dementia? Scientists report

Some effects of Covid infection are short while others might persist for long and involve neurological effects too.There is possibility of infection damaging the blood brain barrier and gaining access to te nervous system.

Delhi-Meerut Expressway to get Air Ambulance soon

The National Highway Authoriyt of India and A4 Leisure are working together on air ambulance, to allow easy clearance of road accident victims.

WHO Director-General meets Minister of Foreign Affairs, New Zealand

Dr. Tedros Adhanom welcomed Nanaia Mahuta to express his gratitude on continuous financial , technical and strategic support by New Zealnd to WHO.

Indian medical in Ukraine students are uncertain about their furture

Some Indian medical students have returned while others are still in dilemma. The duration of MBBS in Ukraine is 6 years. According to new rules, the students can take upto 10 years to complete.

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