01st April 2022 | Health Newsbytes

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Delhi: 35 dengue patients stay undetected

SDMC writes to private and governement hospitals to make sure that all the cases of vector borne diseases are in proper record.

DBSI has launched first-hygiene centred music album

DBSI in collaboration with Rais Khan Project has launched India’s first hygiene centred album.

3 main reasons for getting reinfected with Covid

According to reports , initially it was difficult to get reinfection with Covid but now it is easier due to reasons which include fading of effect of vaccine.

Consuming walnuts to reduce triglyceride levels in metabolic syndrome

As per a new study in Pharmacological Research Journal, consuming walnuts will help in reduction of serum triglycerides in metabolic syndrome.

FDA warns about the health risk of contrast use in children with thyroid disease

USFDA has recently warned prescribing information of entire class of contrast media of iodine for children 3 years or younger.

One third population of the world remains for vaccination, says WHO

According to WHO Chief, one third population of the world has still not recieved single dose of vaccination.

Poor mental health in youth in Pandemic : US CDC

According to a new study by US CDC, over one third of high school students reported poor mental heath in pandemic.

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